There’s a passage that says: “it is God that made us, not we ourselves”

Because we realize this, we can commit ourselves to His care because He is an expert manufacturer and master craftsmen who will not only repair us when we are broken but makes upgrades and improvements to make us better!

Because He made us we need to view ourselves under His work light, knowing that God sees greatness and vast untapped and unstoppable potential in us so we should see ourselves as such as we’ll and launch out fearlessly finding ourselves and the purpose for which we were put here for! What will you maximize? what mark will you leave?

But it starts with changing your personal outlook! Every negative thing you say about yourself you are saying about your Creator! In the words of Dr Pastor Belinda Scott of the New Spirit REVIVAL Center in Cleveland, Ohio says: “The Brand is Good!” – last time I checked our Manufacturer doesn’t make junk! In fact He has a track record of ZERO recalls!

God is not sorry for making you nor calling you, in fact He is investing in showing you off because He knows you will show up, crediting Him and His work and His legacy!

Take the trash out in your mind, remove the rubbish and get up and LIVE! Check your warranty, you have been made great! Be fearless and live!

Maximize your NOW! Your greatest potential is NOT in what left or walked away, your greatest potential is in what you have left ! Start living now!